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Mikayla Features:

  • 3 Different tops! Crop T-shirt, Sport bra, and Bikini Top
  • 3 Different bottoms! Leggings, Panty, and Bikini Bottom
  • 3 Different shoes! Combat Boots, Sandals, and Fluffy Slides
  • Accessories Toggles! Beanie, Bunny Ears, Bunny Tail, Necklace, Fishnets, Horns, Plant, Rings, Arm Warmers, and Glasses
  • LOTS of color options!! Each hair side can chose between 6 base textures, with hue shift sliders and emission strength sliders
  • Eyes have a hue shift slider and a saturation strength slider
  • 6 Bikini Textures to chose from! Black/White, Cheetah, Cow, Purple Cheetah, Zebra, or Mesh
  • Clothing(beanie, panty, arm warmers) can hue shift
  • Plant can hue shift
  • Glasses tint toggle
  • COLOR RANDOMIZER BUTTON! All colors and textures can be easily randomized in one click! Allows for some really fun and unique combinations ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ
  • Tattoo toggle
  • 3 Makeup Options! Black Lipstick+Eyeliner, Pink Lipstick+Eyeliner, or No Makeup
  • Lots of Body Slider Adjustments! Adjust boobie size, tummy size, booty size, thickness, and pregnancy
  • Glitter Strength Toggle
  • Overall Brightness Slider! Really helpful for adjusting to any world that you're in
  • Colliders in arms and forearms that collide with her boobies for some realistic squish!!
  • Different PhysBone settings for whether she is wearing a top or topless ☺
  • 3 Skin tones
  • Corgi Follower!
  • Interactable Bubblegum! She blows a bubble and anyone can pop it!
  • NSFW "Mirror Trick" toggle. When toggled, her clothing appears invisible in only the mirror and VRC camera.
  • Flip Phone toggle
  • Heart Headpat Particles
  • Boop Contact with particles and a squeak sound
  • Star Idle Particles
  • DPS Set up for 13 Orifices!
  • 1 DPS Penetrator! Along with a fun liquid particle effect!
  • Gogo Loco!
  • Better Gestures! Intended for quest users to more closely resemble Index hand animations
  • Comes with a "full version" with ALL features and a "lite version" with only basic toggles for a bit more optimization(both versions are still very poor)
  • Quest Compatible!

9 Face Expressions! Index and Quest Friendly

Over 20 Submenus of Customizations

THIS AVATAR REQUIRES YOU TO PROVIDE POIYOMI PRO (I used poi_pro_7.3.50_and_8.2.010) AND VRCHAT SDK3/VRCHAT CREATOR COMPANION YOURSELF! DYNAMIC PENETRATION OPTIONAL! It is extremely important that you use the exact or near exact same Poiyomi as I have, some features will break if using an older version!

Instructions are included in the text document with purchase! PLEASE read these!

1. This model is copyright protected! Absolutely NO REDISTRIBUTION of any kind!

2. Private uploads only!

3. No sharing this package with anyone- when you purchase it is only for you!

4. You may NOT use assets from this avatar. Every asset must be purchased from the original creators.

5. You may not resell this avatar in any way. This includes edits of this avatar.

6. Do NOT upload this model for free to any websites for download!

7. Do NOT upload the avatar public!

8. Do NOT remove my name from the in game menu and do NOT remove my credit from the avatar mesh!

You may NOT reuse anything from this model. All assets and scripts must be sourced from their original creators.

Head Sugs#9795Body Pandaabear#9873(NO REUSE, SKUNY'S EDIT)Base Texture Ying#6669/Yang#6669Head Texture Sivka#3788Hair+Beanie Nessy!#7402Eye Textures Mowster#9962 String Choker khihani#3550 Crop Tee hoeyume#5516Bunny Set ничто#6666Tattoo luni#0690Glasses nini#0517Head Plant moonlight peach#3252Arm Warmers wen#4076│Sport Bra crabman823#8389Heart Sandals Sebs#9999Fluffy Slides Hayweee#1999Boots lexxxya#9752Rings KC#5344Tongue Eggly69#6969Bubblegum cakie#7777Corgi Follower Beartrap#0321Penetrtor Addon とりにゃん#1295Liquid Particle ShaderGesture LayerGoGo LocoAV3 CreatorFluff's ToolFishnet, Piercings, Bikini, Leggings, Panty, Idle/Headpat/Boop Particles made by me!

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Last updated May 29, 2023

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Mikayla ♡ VRChat Avatar ♡

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